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App for Dynamic Dns

DnsUp provides the app for free to keep your hosts under control.

In fact it will be possible:

  • Keep track of your smartphone's ip and update it automatically with each variation
  • Check the status of the hosts and see immediately if a host is in the Off state
  • Check the current ip and check if the registration date is consistent
  • Check the last registered ip and check if there are any illicit registrations

How to install it

The app is available for the Android platform.
To install it, simply go to the Google Playstore and search for "DnsUp".

Or follow this link from the product details.
Finally to consult the guide follow this link.

Current version


  • Host creation by mobile phone
  • Binding between host and device
  • Monitoring and IP updating service
  • IP notification on status bar
  • Automatic startup of service
  • Tuning
  • Launch version
  • Implement basic functions

Bologna, Italy

IT 03628101200

REA: BO-534140


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